Baileo House, Traditional House Maluku from Indonesian

It's a term or name Baileo from Maluku people custom homes, with a large building form, building materials are mostly made from wood, sturdy with quite a lot of ornaments, carvings that adorn the entire part of the House.

Unlike traditional house functions on other tribes in Indonesia, or the term literally Baileo Hall, is a home built with different purposes, not as a home to live in or stay home, but the building that functions to a village Landmark for the people of Maluku (House which is in use as a place of activity or ceremony for the citizens of the village).

Baileo is the building that serves as a meeting place for citizens (joint Hall), as well as a meeting place or activity Baileo also serves to keep sacred objects, weapons or heirlooms relic of ancestors of the village residents. Baileo custom homes has some parts that have different functions and has a philosophy that is implied in it.

In essence this Baileo custom homes built without walls, it means that the spirit of ancestors can freely to get out into the custom homes.

The front or entrance door custom homes is Batu Pamali Baileo big stone that serves as a place to put offerings. Among the three kinds of the most prevalent this baileo and most typical is that the floors were built on top of the mast. The number of its shaft represents the number of klen-klen in the village.

It does not contain a walled Baileo mean spirits their ancestors freely go out of the building. Being high made baileo floor intended to position abode ancestral spirits are higher than the place stands the people in the village. In addition to the people will know that consultative lasted from the outside in and from the bottom to the top. The function of the place for discussion is Baileo and folk gatherings with House of representatives like a saniri country, the Council of indigenous peoples and others. So democratic system already known by people five-Siva from the first.

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